About Us


Ridl Basketball Agency is a Croatian company representing players and coaches throughout the world.The owner is Zvonimir Ridl who started his basketball career with Osijek and then played for famous Croatian basketball teams Zadar and Split. After a successful domestic career he played internationally for Brotnjo, Czarni Slupsk, Debrecen, Novy Jicin, Amsterdam, Ase Atomeromu and BBK Brno. He then returned to Darda and later on finished his career at his home club Osijek.

At Ridl Basketball Agency we deal with player transfers and contract negotiations so that our clients can concentrate on basketball without having to worry about their financial well- being. It is our duty to ensure that none of our clients are exploited in any way.
The key to the agency’s success is contained in one word “honesty”.

“We adopt a policy of honesty with both the players and clubs with regard to their playing ability, aspirations and earning potential. We treat our players with respect and they return that respect. Discipline is a key component in achieving success. We ask our players to be disciplined with their approach, the way they conduct themselves off the court and the way they play the game whilst fully encouraging commitment, physicality and flair. Experience tells us this approach allied to their playing ability gives our players every chance of achieving their personal goals.”

Zvonimir Ridl

▪ Finalist of Croatian Championship (Split) 96./97.
▪ Cup Winner (Split) 96./97.
▪ Winner of Hungarian Championship (Atomerőmű Paks) 04./05.
▪ Winner of Hungarian Cup (Atomerőmű Paks) 04./05.
▪ Winner of Bosnia & Herzegovina championship (Brotnjo) 98./99.
▪ Finalist of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Cup (Brotnjo) 98./99.
▪ Finalist of the Bosnia & Herzegovina Supercup (Brotnjo) 98./99.
▪ Member of the Yugoslavia National Team to 22 years 1991.
▪ Member of the cadet Croatian National Team 1987.
▪ Member of the cadet Yugoslavia National Team 1988.
▪ Croatia All-Star Game 2000.
▪ Czech All-Star Game 2001.
▪ Hungaria All-Star Game 2005