payamMr. Payam Ziya – IRRESISTIBLE SPORT MANAGEMENT, Founder and President.
Payam Ziya is providing the best customer service representation and management of career choices through his partners and associates in different parts of the world.He signed most players in Iranian market in the last six seasons and helps players and teams over there beyond the basketball floor in many different aspects.The Goal in Irresistible Sport Management is keeping honesty and loyalty during the whole period of cooperation with players, coaches & agents.



pickandroll PICK AND ROLL SPORT AGENCY  is a full service sports agency, representing professional athletes, particularly basketball players.
As a full functioning sports agency, we offer our clients an array of services from financial to contractual to personal consulting, enabling them to more fully focus on their craft.We assist our clients to reach their goals, plan for the future, & take care of daily issues.We help our clients on & off the field, to succeed in their career & post-career.



omegaWe are young, aggresive and very fast growing global sports agency. Our focus is to provide a professional assistance to determined and hard working athletes; fully maximize their potential throughout their professional carrier. We will provide a full range of professional and personal services to the pro-athletes, so they could focus exclusively on the progress of their performance.
The company was founded by the individuals with extensive sports and travel industry backgrounds.



global sport plaza copy As one of the leaders in our industry Global Sports Plaza scouts, councils and manage players, coaches and teams in over 40 counties worldwide. Our success story is based on perfectly designed target marketing techniques that have proven to be unique and dominating over our completion.Our superb scouting helps us determine the perfect match between players and teams which results in satisfied clientele and return business for us and our clients. Over the years we have developed an agent network that helps us directly or indirectly to place our clients according to their respectable levels or salary demands.

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